Saturday, August 18, 2012

How I Met My Prince Charming

I figured it is time I write this story for all my faithful followers that have been deprived of blog post for some time now. I also know my family would love to know how all this happened. I think I took some by surprise.

May 7, 2012 The day was Monday. It was just like any other Monday, I was getting off work and debating whether I would make it to FHE (single ward family home evening). This is a weekly debate because if you do not attend then you are not justified in your "why am I still single" complaints. I had been out of the habit of going to FHE due to a previous dating fling. I wanted to go to FHE but I was getting off work late and I needed to change my clothes so I could play kickball. I knew if I went home I would have a hard time leaving the comfort of my home. I decided I needed to just go to the park for the lesson and watch then play kickball. There are always a group of people hanging out on the sidelines, but not this week. This was not normal, everyone was playing, I was alone on the bleachers. Oh well it was fun watching.

Then it happened... Ty walked up and sat on the bleachers behind me. As he walked in front of me I thought 'if he sits on the bleachers and ignores me I will be one unhappy girl.' I recognized him as the guy that bore his testimony the day before and introduced himself as "the wards handsome bald guy." Don't get me wrong he is incredibly handsome, but come on, I rolled my eyes on Sunday and again when he walked by. He sat down and talked to a girl in the area. When she walked away he leaned forward and asked me what her name was. I said "It is Maren, in this ward you can assume it is either Maren or Jessica, I am Jessica. "  He introduced himself and we bantered back and forth for a bit. He eventually moved up next to me. We talked about everything, it was great. He asked when it was okay to leave an activity. I told him he had ten more minutes for it to be okay. When he got up to leave I joined him in the walk to our cars. I was secretly hoping something was going to come of this interaction. He said "If I did not have my bike I would take you to get a drink or something" to which I quickly responded "I have a car. "  We jumped in my car and went to Sawdee one of my favorite Thai restaurants and had dinner. Dinner conversation continued to go well. We learned a lot about each other. My interest was peaked. As I drove him back to the park he said we should definitely do this again but planned. I agreed and he said he would need my number. I gave it to him and dropped him off at his Harley. Aw what a wonderful evening. He text me later that night so I would have his number. Made some joke about remembering him for his devilish charm and not his lame Pat Buchanan joke.

We text several times that week. I was remaining strong and not initiating anything, I was letting him take the lead. I never once had to push to keep things going. He asked me out for Thursday night. On Thursday he picked me up and we went out for Sushi. He wanted me to school him in sushi. At Ichibans we enjoyed some delicious sushi and wonderful conversation. From there we went to the Gateway and saw a the U2 laser show at the planetarium.  Apparently I was very closed off and did not leave him a chance to hold my hand. I was so focused on taking it slow in dating and enjoying the experience. After the show we were heading to my home when he asked if we could go get dessert because he was not ready to let me go. I of course agreed because I felt the same. We went to Gourmandy's and had delicious dessert and had ourselves a laugh. I had him laughing pretty hard, which of course won my heart. I love making people laugh. He took me home and told me that he wanted to take me out when he got back in town and he would be keeping in touch with me while he was gone. And he did!

The following week we spent whatever time we had available with each other. By Thursday we had decided we were dating exclusively. I spent a weekend with his family and fell in love with them. It was wonderful to see Ty with them. He speaks so highly of all his brothers. It was nice to meet them all. Even if we had to spend a miserable hour in the rain.

In the past three months Ty and I have had a ton of fun. He introduced me to some Shakespeare in Cedar City at the Shakespeare Festival.  We saw Titus Andronicus (my fav) and The Merry Wives of Windsor.  I went to my first Opera with he and his Mother. We saw Faust. Wonderful Opera, it was sung in French.  He took me to an Iron Maiden concert. Not going to lie I really enjoyed the concert. We both agree on the top three most beautiful building in Salt Lake. 1. The temple 2. The Cathedral of the Madeline 3. City-county building. We have done many a fun things with his family. They are such wonderful people, I am already so grateful to have them in my life. I was even invited to a get together while Ty was out of town. Together Ty and I have a cat. Well his mother has our cat since we have not been able to take it in yet. It is a three legged cat we call him Neptune. Neptune had a trident, we felt it was an appropriate name for our three legged friend. I know I have a cat, the things we agree to when we are in love.

We decided early on in our relationship that something was working between us. Everything just clicked. On Monday August 6 Ty took me on a hike. We hiked the Bonneville shoreline trail. We hiked to our rock and there Ty had prepared a picnic. We ate cheese and crackers. He distracted me with some phantom hikers. A I looked around trying to figure out what he was talking about he got on one knee (in a patch of thorns). When I turned around he had a ring out and he proceeded to tell me he wanted to spend his life with me. He asked me to marry him and I said yes. Then he asked if he could get off his knee and the thorns. I said no. I called my family and shared the good news and we hiked back to our car. Ah it was magical!

Now I cannot wait to kneel at the alter in the Brigham City Temple and be sealed to the man I love.

Tyler Anderson I look forward to a life of fun and adventure at your side.

Sorry no pictures we have been very bad at taking any.


Gina said...

THANKS Jessica great story! You forgot the weekend you could not quit texting him, waiting for a.signal to catch his next text. THEN telling your Aunt Gina about him. WHAT did I say? You eoylf be married by next March. So the 3 Buchanan sisters would be married within a year! We are so happy for u and Ty and the thorns and ring!! I STILL SAY HE IS ONE LUCKY PRINCE to have found u the Aqua Financial PRINCESS. XOXO

Gina said...

Correction to above typos "would" and "Fina'

Rachel said...

Aww so fun! I am so excited for you guys! Loved the story :)

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